Futureproof ICT a necessity

Ready for the future?

Is your ICT infrastructure (cloud, local or hybrid) ready to support the digital evolution in a secure way? Does your ICT network meet tomorrow's expectations in terms of functionality, performance, reliability and (cyber) security?

ICT landscape

A critical component for companies

Today, most companies simply stop producing, delivering, working when the ICT applications no longer function properly. Downtime or even low performance can cost you a lot of money. Take action to prevent this.

What about legacy systems?

What about cyber security?

What about flexibility?

Older systems

Out with the old, in with the new

In recent years, we have worked with many customers where we have often found that - especially in SMEs - the core business processes are still based on older legacy systems. Both hardware (infrastructure) and software are outdated, with all the consequences that entails. Just think of the impact on your company if these core systems would no longer work tomorrow. For these systems, the question is no longer "WHETHER" but "WHEN" that will happen.

Make sure that the necessary continuity is built (and tested) into the underlying ICT infrastructure so that solutions can be activated immediately in case of problems. The impact has to be kept as small as possible.

Some systems were developed years ago by experts who are now no longer available to support, or to incorporate new functionality => HELP, an objective network audit requested !

Cyber security

Protect your ICT environment

Cybercrime is the fastest growing form of crime in recent years and has become highly professionalized in the meantime. Hackers are no longer naughty teenagers or activists. Cybercrime has become a business model, all the more so because "the attack surface" has become bigger and bigger. Almost every one of us knows the daily attempts via phishing mails but companies often don't see the many hacking attempts going on on their internal network. In addition, ethical hacking is also an often used way to steal your identity or money in a non-technical way.

  • Modern systems use IP technology and are connected to a central database
  • Wireless communication
  • The rapid growth of the Internet of Things in which systems and devices are interconnected
  • Complex architectures: hybrid environments, on-premise, in the cloud
  • The trend of "business models based on " (Infrastructure as a service, software as a service ,...)
  • Companies that may have had three locations in the past have been given dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of additional homework locations in one fell swoop.
  • ...

A cyber-attack (such as Phishing, Malware, hacking, ransomware – Cryptolocking - Denial of Service, Skimmig, MitM, DDos attacks, data leaks, identity theft, ...) can cause a serious interruption of your daily business activities and result in enormous financial losses.

A cybersecurity insurance is therefore highly recommended in addition to a specialized ICT supplier that proactively monitors and manages your entire IT environment around the clock.

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity. Opportunities multiply as they are seized.

Sun Tzu’s The Art of War


Futureproof IT environment

Every entrepreneur must be able to switch quickly, especially in times of digitization. How? A flexible IT infrastructure, a digital environment with filter for that makes it possible to filter valuable insight from data, proactively combat cyber threats and offer richer experiences for customers on any device. Yet, for SMEs with limited resources it is not obvious to invest in a new infrastructure.

Modernizing your IT environment to better meet the future needs of your customers without exceeding your own budget is no easy task. Pour your hardware and software into a subscription formula and pay a fixed amount per month for its use. It simplifies your ICT budgeting and makes your operational costs predictable. Moreover, you only pay for what you really use => Invest in a futureproof IT environment, even with a small budget.

Cyber Security


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