.ICT Services

A solid ICT infrastructure is the basis for all growth

A solid ICT infrastructure is the basis for all growth. BizzPro's mission is to prepare your business for tomorrow and keep up with the ever-changing IT landscape. Our specialists modernize your infrastructure to a mobile, cloud-ready and secure environment.

We design, install, maintain and service your IT infrastructure as cost-efficiently as possible. On premise or in the Cloud.

ICT infrastructure

IT solutions on the menu

Private or public cloud? On premise or a hybrid solution? There are many possibilities in the field of ICT infrastructure. At BizzPro we cover them all - software and hardware. On the menu: we offer you IT solutions that match and grow with your business needs.

(Cyber) security

Optimal protection

ICT infrastructure and security go hand in hand. It's a matter of optimally protecting you against hackers and other attacks. Our IT staff is completely at home in security solutions for digital environments. We put (and keep) your cybersecurity up to date, including backups and recovery. 

Are your software, servers, firewalls, routers, switches ... up-to-date by the way? Do the check and discover how (un)safe your ICT infrastructure is.

CSP Cloud service provider

Customized Cloud services plans

Thanks to Microsoft's CSP program, you can purchase Cloud services according to your needs, such as switching user licenses or services on and off at any time (Office 365, Azure, MS Teams, Microsoft Security, Power BI and much more). Ask for your customized CSP plan.

Monitoring & service desk

24/7 monitoring

Servers, network components, workstations and mobile devices 'live'. The message is to manage, maintain and secure them properly. Is your backup okay? Have all the minimum required patches been installed? What about third party software? Our Monitoring Services department keeps all this under control for you 24/7.