Modular, customized and affordable

Digitized solutions and applications open up a world of possibilities. But how do you start? What are the first steps and the quick wins with a view to more customers or process optimization? Time for BizzPro. We are passionate about applications development - modular, customized and affordable.

Ready to modernize, digitize and grow thanks to (mobile) applications? You can count on BizzPro!


Automate safely and effectively

We can also automate your business processes safely and effectively. We do this according to a well-considered application strategy. We supplement ready-to-use software packages that are specific in their respective domains with tailor-made add-on modules.

(Mobile) Apps development

The ideal E2E solution provider

Our mobile engineers build mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows 10. We have a partnership with 'Mobco', which specializes in mobile device management. By combining the expertise of BizzPro and Mobco, we are the ideal E2E solution provider for app development and its secure implementation.

Robotic process automation (RPA - Bots)

Software bots that take care of repetitive tasks

Routine tasks in the workplace are time consuming and boring. That must change and improve. We propose a robotic process automation (RPA) to automate simple business processes. The result: software bots that take care of repetitive tasks. They log in, read and capture data and then connect with other systems.

Integration - IoT

Anything is possible

With the Internet of Things, absolutely anything is possible: conceive new applications, optimize existing applications, allow platforms to communicate and integrate securely. Real-time data is available. Those who bet on IoT have an advantage over the competition. Your happiness: BizzPro guides you in this. We can develop and integrate everything for you every day.