Modular, customized and affordable

Digitized solutions and applications open up a world of possibilities. But how do you start? What are the first steps and the quick wins with a view to more customers or process optimization? Time for BizzPro. We are passionate about applications development - modular, customized and affordable.


Electronic patient file (EPF)

This electronic patient file (EPF) makes the daily management of your medical practice easier with tailor-made modules for your online agenda, billing, planning, etc. It is available via smartphone or tablet.

Plus desktop device
Plus desktop device


A versatile radiology information system (RIS)

Digitize with our versatile radiology information system (RIS), specially developed for radiologists. Securely taking, distributing and sharing medical images online with doctors and colleagues has never been so efficient!


Electronic patient file (EPF) for gynecologists

Looking for an integrated system tailored to gynecologists? Discover our electronic patient record (EPF) for gynecologists. This all-in system provides, for example, management of patient data, fast and convenient recording of appointments, as well as the exchange of ultrasounds and lab results.

Plus desktop device
Plus desktop device


Simplify your administration

Sign documents electronically, digitally and biometrically, including 'live signing'… BizzPro makes it accessible to everyone with Cygnature. Good for simplifying your administration, easy and combined with optimal security.


AutomationWhiz is a bot universe with cognitive capabilities

Your automation enabler for simplified digital transformation, business flexibility, high throughput and higher ROI. AutomationwhiZ has a wide range of bots for several industries and domains and for the automatization of their critical business processes.

Plus desktop device
Plus desktop device


Code Less, Test More

TestingWhiz is a codeless automation testing tool for testing software, web, mobile, database, cloud, web services and API.
It relies on a strong architecture combined with an intuitive Automation Engine and a short learning curve that promises to take your test automation to the next level.


The professional's digital toolbox

Proheat is mobile a application that automates the full certification process of (gas) heating system (legally required in Belgium). Via IoT communication it automatically picks up the measured values by the Testo 300 (330) device and guides through a wizard the HVAC technician with all the governmental-defined questions, allowing the production of the official PDF certificate. The application communicates with a cloud-backing system allowing the HVAC company to manage all customers and heating systems information.

Plus desktop device
Plus desktop device


The universal lunch-app

The independent, time-saving solution to the everyday problems of ordering, preparing and distributing lunch at school and in the office.