ProHeat: Successful cooperation with a view for the future

Meten is weten: en net daar weet Testo alles over. Als marktleider met het breedste gamma binnen het vakgebied, biedt het bedrijf gepaste meetoplossingen voor spelers in de HVAC, Food, Farma en verschillende andere industrieën. Daarbij zijn niet alleen advies vooraf en verkoop, maar ook begeleiding, de helpdesk en opleiding standaard deel van de service. Onder het motto ‘be sure’ wordt de levenslange garantie op accuraat meten benadrukt. De juiste opleiding, regelmatige herkalibratie en de reparatiedienst waarborgen dat voor de klant. Zo’n 43 medewerkers, waaronder on site techniekers, commercieel vertegenwoordigers, backoffice en marketeers staan iedere dag paraat. 

The use of high-quality materials and technologies guarantees the quality of the devices, and approximately 16% of sales are reinvested in research and innovation. The company is well aware of market developments and that it is better to start growing too early than too late. Jeroen Van Der Kelen, Managing Director of Testo, explains how BizzPro was able to support them in this process - and how we then joined forces as a business partner. 

The quest for growth

On the one hand, Testo is the first to examine what certain technological developments can mean for the company, on the other hand, the demand for digitization also comes from the customer. The integration with other software used is an example of this. "We have competitors in all segments of the market, so to maintain our leading position we need to stay one step ahead of them," said Jeroen. The message was a total commitment to digitization and transformation. Not only must the solution be reliable, but that counts for the partner in the process itself as well. "The professional click had to be made together with the choice," said Jeroen. BizzPro proved to be the perfect match.

What was the need? The clients were (still) working on paper. They needed to be able to switch to the digital and automatic way. When checking boilers, the technicians who use flue gas analyzers at their customers’ place needed a solid digital upgrade. 

Next: phase 2 - with bells and whistles

BizzPro was on it from the beginning of the digital transformation - with the first Instalight application - but Testo quickly noticed that more was needed. It was not yet possible to save the measurement results and consult them later. The customer would benefit from a cloud, to store the measurement certificates. "This cloud, in which the digital certificates could be stored, proved to be a very valuable mini CRM tool for the HVAC technicians," explains Jeroen. Digital customers are encoded in a cloud, a tool that makes the information available everywhere.

Die verdere ontwikkeling kwam er in de tweede fase: de ProHeat oplossing. In het kort: een Applicatie om op de baan gemakkelijk certificeringen te kunnen bijhouden. Na meting, belanden de resultaten via bluetooth automatisch op de tablet en kunnen de nodige attesten in PDF aangemaakt worden. Finaal belanden deze documenten  in de Cloud. Het resultaat is dat de info continu beschikbaar is, up-to-date en digitaal.

How did we achieve this? The knowledge of Koen van Nieuwenhoeve de Testo, the expert in the field of certificates and logic, had to be translated into an application. Due to the close collaboration with Gert Uvin, it was a short to-and-fro. A classic at BizzPro, modular and customized applications according to the customer's request. BizzPro quickly followed up, modified and proposed a new, improved version, which Koen, the best person to indicate the improvements to be made, was able to test each time.

From service to partnership

Then the ball really started to roll. BizzPro and Testo joined forces for a partnership. Testo takes care of the marketing of the application, BizzPro takes care of the technical aspect and the support service. Today, the application has more than 750 users, making it the largest application of digital certificates. And the licenses continue to grow. Word of mouth is perhaps the greatest compliment: the market feedback - from direct users - is very positive. Sales of flue gas analyzers have increased by 20% and Testo has seen further growth in the market. This is a promise for the future, which goes as far as process optimization!

A successful collaboration between two ambitious companies

"Very quickly, there was a real bond of trust." "BizzPro quickly gave an indication of the budget and schedule, which then proved to be very accurate. The fixed prices also gave confidence," he adds. The speed with which a solution was developed also made an impression: only three months between the first conversation and the implementation of the application. "A good partner for digitization is essential. An investment has to be recouped, and that's something a partner should always manage to do. On time, on budget and with a guarantee of quality," concludes the managing director. The switch to business partners is a great development, and successes will be celebrated together in the future.

More Use Cases

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Testo: Process optimization for an accurate procedure

Testo measures the facts. As market leader with the broadest range within the field, the company offers appropriate measurement solutions for players in the HVAC, Food, Pharma and others various industries. Under the motto 'be sure', the lifelong guarantee of accurate measurement is emphasized.

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IOT mobile app integrated with elevators

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A handy mobile app to order coffee

A luminous app idea? No problem. If you work with BizzPro, that app will be there quickly, in this case too. This customer's idea: a mobile application that allows coffee lovers to locate the nearest coffee bar, and then order a coffee there. The result was a cross-platform mobile app.

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